Madison Company

Madison Company

As a leader in liquid level technology, Madison Company offers several sensor solutions with unique designs. The Madison Level Switches sold at PurAqua are made with high quality material. Madison Liquid Level Switches provide a reliable solution for all liquid environments by offering different styles and materials. The competitive pricing at PurAqua ensures cost savings on Madison switches and sensors. Find the basic recommendations to Madison Level Switches below.

316 Stainless Steel: Made for corrosive conditions, high temperatures (up to 300C), and high pressure (up to 300 PSIG)

Polypropylene: Designed for low temperatures (up to 150C) and FDA approved for food processing applications

Brass: Perfect selection for petroleum-based liquids and hydraulic systems

Kynar: Created with high purity nature and offers chemical and solvent resistant properties.


  • Sealed reed switches
  • Variety of Models rated to withstand temperatures up to 300C
  • Units available to uphold pressyre up to 500 PSI
  • Relay, converters, and electronic controllers are available
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